Model characters


Putting some of these models in bell jars and they change; they start to take on different characters and I’m imagining conversations going on (I must get out more).

Still got some work to do on these; I need to add a bit of ‘ground’ to the cottage and do the same to the arch. I’ve got to paint the arch too although I do really like the random newsprint finish it has at the moment.



The two nicer jars here, with the cottage and the arch inside, were gifts from friends, so a big thank you to them, I’m enjoying working with these very much!

Semblance, 31st August -6th September



Phil Cooper, Phil Gomm & Phill Hosking

The Somerset Maugham Gallery, The Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable, Kent

31st August – 6th September 2016

Gallery Opens Monday – Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

Private view, Saturday 3rd September, 2pm – 6pm

Things that are not what they seem, fleeting glimpses, appearances not of this world, and spectral presences that wink in and out of existence. Semblance brings together work by three Whitstable-based artists that explores realities hovering just above or below the surface of the visible world.

It’s a great pleasure to be exhibiting again at The Horsebridge with Phil Gomm and Phill Hosking. We’ll be showing new work in a variety of media including  paintings, drawings, screen prints, photography, 3D constructions and lightboxes. Common threads weave in and out of the three groups of work, however, as semblances echo and resonate across the gallery walls.

Phil Cooper

Titled  The Road to Midville Bridge, this collection of new work captures fragments of a story, a story about getting lost and stumbling across a place that isn’t on the map, a place that shouldn’t be there at all…





Phil Gomm

Phil Gomm spent a night alone in an old empty house in the Medway town of Chatham earlier this year. The images he captured from what occurred during that night will be on show as part of Semblance…



Phil is Course Leader for the BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts degree course at the University of Creative Arts (UCA), Rochester.

And you can see more of Phil’s photographic work here.

Phil is also the author of Chimeraan adventure trilogy for younger people and adults alike that has more than a hint of Semblance about it too.


Phill Hosking

Phill Hosking’s unique and powerful imaginings move into screenprints for this exhibition, with paintings and drawings also on show. He conjures a world of extraordinary forms which evolve and dissolve before our eyes….

Phil Hosking.jpg


See more of Phill’s work on Instagram, and on his blog.

Tiny towers

Just tackling the bell jars this weekend, making a bit of environment for the models to inhabit. Here’s one of the Reculver towers I made last year, now sitting on a patch of blasted heath:


This was a new, shop-bought bell jar and the glass is extremely thick. The curved glass at the top distorts the view; it’s ok, but I prefer the older ones which are made with much thinner glass. Whitstable friends Paul and Phil came back from their hols in France the other day and brought me back a wonderful gift; this fabulous old glass dome. I love it’s proportions, the base with little feet and the lovely, thin glass which doesn’t distort the view of what’s inside:


It’s so lovely i’m going to make a new model to put inside for the exhibition. I haven’t got anything with the right height to fit, so it’s back to making next week!


Lightboxes – or should that be nightboxes?


I’m trying a couple of images on transparent film mounted on lightboxes for the upcoming exhibition, although the images are definitely more twilightboxes or nightboxes. The very slim, LED light boxes that you can get now intrigued me and I wanted to give them a try. I’m really happy with how the images have printed and the glow they get from the light coming through. They’re A3 size and i’m tempted to try a really big lightbox sometime too, they come very large (and heavy though!). This one above is a new image i’ve made from a photo I took last year; it’s very dark but on the lightbox it works a treat.

The prints are going to be built into black box frames (by Andy at Whitstable Framing who always does such a grand job for us when we have a show in Whitstable) so you won’t get the light leaking out as you can see in the image below where i’ve just laid the print on top.


And this image looked particularly rich with the light coming through:


It’s pretty much all gone off to the framers today so we’re on our way😉

The tower of midnight


This post title sounds like a cheesy horror movie from the ’70s, but I wanted to try and get a dark night feel to this image as I start to try and learn photoshop properly (and the ’70s is my era anyway!). It still feels like a vast, impenetrable, intimidating labyrinth, but at least I’m starting to learn some of the basics, thanks to Jan, who is trying to teach me and  who has to listen to me going ‘it won’t do that thing now, why won’t it do that thing it did’, etc. Patience of a saint that man!


Getting ready for Semblance 

Our exhibition Semblance is three weeks away now and we’re starting to get ready for the actual opening. We booked the gallery a year ago, but there still doesn’t seem to be enough time to get everything done! 

There have been the customary  last minute hitches – I found out this week that the software I’d been editing my pics with and the way I’d been moving the files in and out of iPhoto had permanently knackered the resolution. So some late night reshooting and editing pics this week, I think it’s called learning the hard way, all good character- building stuff I’m sure. 

On a more successful note, friend and co-exhibitor Phil Gomm has been putting together some images to be printed and mounted on large canvas panels to provide an eye-catching display in the window of the gallery (the image above, with details of work by me, on the left, Phil Gomm, centre and Phill Hosking, right) and to introduce the show on the first wall you encounter as you come into the exhibition space. They look spiffing and help group the work of the three artists involved very nicely. Here’s a panel that introduces the Semblance theme: 

Here’s my individual panel with a bit of blurb to provide a context to my work. 

I’m going to be showing quite a variety of different media and approaches in this show; paintings, drawings, 3D work, maquettes, pigment prints from photographs and transparent prints on lightboxes. So this intro., along with some other text elements along the gallery wall will provide a hint of narrative to tie all the pieces together and, hopefully, help it to all gel as a group.

Ok, now what else to do? Oh yes, buy some bubbly for the private view! 😉